Komatsu Heavy Equipment Parts: A Comprehensive Guide

Struggling to find top-notch Komatsu heavy equipment parts? We've got you covered! This blog is your go-to guide for diving into the world of Komatsu machinery. 

Let's unpack the kind of equipment that makes a difference and why Imara Engineering Supplies is your best bet for snagging these essentials.

Best Komatsu Heavy Equipment Parts in 2024

For Excavators:

The Hydraulic Pump Assy HPV95 (708-2L-00460) is a must-have for Komatsu PC200 series excavators. Priced at $7,500, it's designed to keep your PC200, PC200-4, or PC200-6 running smoothly. It's a big unit, weighing 200kg, but it's the heart that keeps your excavator moving dirt like nobody's business.

For Bulldozers:

Got a Komatsu Bulldozer D31 or D37? The Hydraulic Pump (720-2M-00081) is your go-to for a hefty $38,620. It ensures your dozer pushes through the toughest soil without breaking a sweat.

Engine Fans:

The 600-645-7850 FAN, at $450, is perfect for a range of Komatsu machines like the WA430, WA450, and even the big PC1250 excavators. It's essential for keeping your machine's engine cool under the Aussie sun, especially when you're pushing it hard on the job site.

Engine Water Pump:

For Komatsu Excavators like the PC220-5 or PC60-7, the Engine Water Pump (6205-61-1202) priced at $280, is a no-brainer. It keeps your engine's temperature in check, ensuring you're not stuck with an overheated machine in the middle of a job.

Choosing the right Komatsu heavy equipment parts doesn't have to be a head-scratcher. With these top picks, you're ensuring your machines are always in top condition, ready to tackle whatever the job throws at them.

Why Imara Engineering Supplies Is Your Go-To for Komatsu Parts

At Imara Engineering Supplies, we're not just another store selling heavy machinery parts. We're a team of pros dedicated to making sure your projects never hit a snag because of equipment troubles. Our focus? Giving you the best Komatsu heavy equipment parts out there.

We've carved a niche in supplying key components for major construction and plant equipment, especially for those big infrastructure projects across Australia and Southern Africa. Whether you're building roads or setting up a new mine, we've got the bits and bobs you need. 

What sets us apart? We're all about quality and reliability. Every part meets top-notch industry specs, so no second-guessing if it's the right fit or quality for your Komatsu machinery.

Need something a bit special? We do custom parts too, tailored just for your project's specs. And when you're ready to order, our online system makes it a breeze, with shipping options that span the globe.

Our team is stacked with experts who know their stuff, committed to getting your projects over the line on time and on budget. Plus, with our integrated management system, we're all about clear communication, reducing headaches, and delivering excellence in service.

Quality parts, expert advice, and service that aims to exceed your expectations—that's the Imara way.

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