CASE Heavy Equipment Parts: Your Trusted Source

CASE Heavy Equipment Parts: Your Trusted Source

CASE Heavy Equipment machines are known for their power, durability, and precision. To keep these machines running at their best, quality replacement parts are essential. When downtime isn't an option, you need reliable CASE heavy equipment parts delivered quickly and expertly. That's where Imara Engineering Supplies comes in. We minimise downtime on a job site and keep your CASE equipment in top condition.

Why Choose Imara Engineering Supplies for Your CASE Parts Needs

When it comes to sourcing CASE heavy equipment parts, Imara Engineering Supplies offers a winning combination of quality, value, and service. We maintain a vast inventory of CASE parts to meet your diverse machinery needs. 

Our team can help you identify the correct parts for your specific CASE equipment, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance. We know that minimising downtime is critical, and prioritise fast shipping and delivery to get your machines back in action as quickly as possible. 

Finally, every interaction with Imara is backed by our customer-focused support, dedicated to finding the right solutions for your CASE equipment requirements.

CASE Heavy Equipment Parts We Offer

Here's a closer look at the range of CASE heavy equipment parts we offer:

Backhoe Loaders

Keep your CASE backhoe loader shifting smoothly and efficiently with our selection of transmission parts. Our inventory includes:

Friction Plate Transmission Disc Clutch Plate Steel Disc

Designed for specific CASE backhoe loader models, this heavy-duty steel disc ensures optimal power transfer in your transmission. Its high-friction surface maximises efficiency and prevents costly downtime due to slippage.

Spare Parts 181158A1 Transmission Friction Plate

A worn transmission friction plate can cause shifting problems and further damage. Restore smooth operation and prevent transmission issues by replacing it with our transmission friction plate.


Keep your CASE excavator digging strong. We offer a wide selection of critical components, including the Komatsu Case 205-60-51261. This component ensures the smooth operation of your CASE excavator's hydraulic system.

Maintain safe and efficient operation. We also sell battery voltage monitors, control panels, sensors, and more to keep your CASE excavator running smoothly.

We’re Your Partner for CASE Parts

Can't find the exact part you need? Don't worry. Contact our team, and we'll help you locate the right components to keep your CASE equipment performing at its best.

CASE Heavy Equipment Maintenance Practices

Your CASE machine is a powerhouse built to handle demanding jobs. However, even the toughest equipment needs regular care to ensure long-term performance and reliability. Here are essential practices to keep your CASE equipment running strong:

Fluid Changes and Filters

Engine oil, hydraulic fluid, and transmission fluid are the lifeblood of your machine. Refer to your CASE operator's manual for specific change intervals and recommended fluid types. Never skip filter replacements. Air filters, fuel filters, and oil filters prevent contaminants from damaging critical engine and hydraulic components.

Undercarriage Care

Your undercarriage works hard. Regular inspections help catch wear and tear on parts like sprockets, rollers, idlers, and tracks before they cause major breakdowns. Maintain proper track tension according to your operator's manual. Loose or overtightened tracks lead to increased wear.

General Inspection Points

Take a few minutes before each use to check for any obvious issues. Look for leaks, loose hoses, worn belts, and damaged electrical connections. Addressing small problems early prevents major issues.

Common CASE Equipment Issues and How to Address Them

Even the most reliable CASE machines can occasionally experience problems. Some basic troubleshooting can help you identify the issue and determine if it's something you can handle or if professional help is needed.

Loss of Power

If your CASE machine feels sluggish, start with the basics. Check fuel levels, inspect air filters for clogging, and look for any fluid leaks. If these checks don't reveal the problem, further diagnosis by a technician may be required.

Hydraulic Malfunctions

Slow or unresponsive hydraulics could indicate low fluid levels, a leak, or an issue with the pump. Carefully check for leaks and top up fluids if needed. If the problem persists, consult a CASE technician.

Warning Lights and Error Codes

Your CASE equipment has a built-in warning system. Pay attention to any dashboard warning lights and consult your operator's manual or online resources to decipher error codes.

How To Identify Genuine CASE Parts

Protect that investment and ensure long-term performance so you need to choose genuine CASE replacement parts. But with so many options on the market, how can you be sure you're getting the real deal? Identify genuine CASE parts by inspecting the following:

Lifespan and Durability

CASE uses high-quality materials and rigorously tests its parts to withstand the demands of heavy-duty operation. Aftermarket parts may be made with lower-grade materials, resulting in a shorter lifespan and the need for more frequent replacements, costing you more in the long run.

Protection of Warranty

In some cases, using non-OEM parts could jeopardise your CASE machine's warranty.  Always refer to your warranty terms, but choosing genuine CASE parts gives you peace of mind.

Supporting Innovation

When you choose genuine CASE parts, you support the continued research and development that goes into future advancements in CASE equipment. This helps ensure that your investment stays at the forefront of technology and productivity.

Get the CASE Parts You Need Today

Ready to keep your CASE equipment running strong? We're here to help. Our team is ready to answer your questions and help you find the right CASE parts. You can also explore our extensive selection of CASE parts online. Don't let downtime slow you down. Contact us for quality CASE parts, expert advice, and fast service.

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