Downtime on a construction site means lost time and money. Your Hitachi heavy equipment works hard, and to protect your investment, it needs parts designed to do the same. Hitachi Heavy Equipment Parts are built with the same durability and precision as the machines themselves. 

Choosing genuine Hitachi parts means keeping equipment running at peak performance and minimising costly delays. Let's find out why Hitachi parts are the best choice for your construction or mining operation.

The Advantages of Hitachi Genuine Parts

Unlike generic aftermarket parts, Hitachi Genuine Parts are engineered specifically to work with your Hitachi equipment. This perfect fit ensures optimal performance and reduces stress on other connected components. 

Since Hitachi parts are built to the highest standards, they withstand the harsh environments and demanding workloads of construction and mining sites. This translates to less frequent breakdowns, extended machine life, and ultimately, lower maintenance and ownership costs over time.

Find Your Hitachi Heavy Equipment Parts Solution

Hitachi's core focus lies in its exceptional excavators. Imara Engineering Supplies carries a wide range of Hitachi excavator parts to keep your machines in top condition. We offer essential components like final drives, hydraulic pumps, booms, arms, buckets, and cylinders. You can find a comprehensive selection of Hitachi excavator parts on our website.

If you're looking for parts for other types of Hitachi heavy equipment, don't hesitate to contact Imara Engineering Supplies directly. We can locate and source the parts you require. Explore our inventory or get in touch with our parts specialists.

Essential Hitachi Parts for Your Project

Imara Engineering Supplies makes it easy to find the specific Hitachi parts you need. Let's take a closer look at some popular, high-demand components:

Hydraulic Main Pump PVD-2B-36L

This powerful pump is the heart of your Hitachi EX30-2 excavator's hydraulic system. Maintaining it ensures smooth operation and power for your machine's attachments. Regular maintenance of this pump ensures optimal digging force, smooth attachment control, and reduced risk of system failures.

KAWASAKI M2X120B Hydraulic Swing Motor

This reliable motor enables precise and efficient swing movements on your Hitachi EX220LC-2, EX220-3, EX220-2 excavator. It can even fit some John Deere models. Its reliable construction translates to precision control and consistent operation.

Wiper Motor 4650570 4709168

Maintain unobstructed visibility during rain, snow, or dusty conditions with this wiper motor for Hitachi ZAX200-3, ZAX220-3, and ZAX330-3 excavators. Its durable build ensures reliable performance even in harsh environments.

Turbocharger 8980302170 

Maximise your engine's power and efficiency with this turbocharger designed for Hitachi ZAX200-3, ZAX210-3, ZAX240-3 excavators with the Isuzu 4HK1 engine. By boosting air intake, the turbocharger helps your engine deliver greater power while reducing emissions.

Save Money with Hitachi Remanufactured Parts

Hitachi knows that replacing a major component is a huge investment. Their remanufacturing program offers a more cost-effective and environmentally responsible alternative. Remanufactured Hitachi parts are restored to meet the same high-quality standards as new parts. By choosing remanufactured components, you reduce costs without sacrificing performance.

Hitachi's Global Parts Network

Hitachi's vast global parts network ensures you get what you need quickly. With strategically placed distribution centres, Hitachi can access and ship parts with remarkable efficiency. Imara Engineering Supplies leverages this network to provide our customers with the fastest possible turnaround on Hitachi parts orders. we're working hard to minimise downtime and keep your machines running.

Source Your Hitachi Parts Faster with Imara Engineering Supplies

Imara Engineering Supplies understands the urgency of the construction and mining industries. We know all about heavy equipment parts and we can help you find the exact Hitachi components you need. We also provide excellent service and great pricing. Let Imara Engineering Supplies become your trusted source for Hitachi Heavy Equipment Parts.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not sure which Hitachi part I need. Can you help?

Absolutely. Imara Engineering Supplies has experts ready to assist. Provide your Hitachi equipment model number and a description of the issue, and we'll identify the correct part. 

How quickly can I get my Hitachi parts?

We understand that downtime costs money. Imara leverages Hitachi's global network for fast parts delivery. Contact us for estimated shipping times on specific items.

What is the warranty on Hitachi remanufactured parts?

Hitachi stands behind their remanufactured parts, offering warranties comparable to new components. Contact us for specific warranty details on the parts you need.

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