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Self Reducing Valve Assy 723-40-71900 Hydraulic Valve

Self Reducing Valve Assy 723-40-71900 Hydraulic Valve

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  • Product Description:  Excavator Pilot Valve 
  • Part Number723-40-71900
  • Applicable Models: Komatsu Excavator: HB205-1, HB205-1M0, HB215LC-1, HB215LC-1M0, HB215LC-2, HB335-1, HB335LC-1, HB365-1, HB365LC-1, PC200-8, PC200-8E0, PC200-8M0, PC200F-8, PC200LC-8, PC200LC-8E0, PC200LC-8M0, PC200LL-8, PC210-10, PC210-8K, PC210LC-10, PC210LC-8K, PC210LL-10, PC210NLC-8K, PC220-8, PC220-8M0, PC220LC-8, PC220LC-8M0, PC220LL-8, PC228US-8, PC228USLC-10, PC228USLC-8, PC230NHD-8K, PC240-8K, PC240LC-10, PC240LC-8, PC240LC-8K, PC240LL-10, PC240NLC-10, PC240NLC-8K, PC270-8, PC270LC-8, PC270LC-8N1-W1, PC270LC-8-W1, PC290-8K, PC290LC-10, PC290LC-8, PC290LC-8K, PC290NLC-10, PC290NLC-8K, PC360LC-10, PC360NLC-10, PC390LC-10, PC390LL-10, PC490-10, PC490LC-10
  • MOQ:1 Piece
  • Delivery time: 3 -5 days

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